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The Collector


From an early age I have been interested in dinosaurs and always thought that they were out of my reach and that you had to be somewhere like the USA to be involved; I had no idea that the Isle of Wight (where i'm from) was one of Britain’s greatest fossil collecting localities.

 I was fortunate to meet 'Jurassic Jim' on the Island who opened my eyes to see where to look and what I was looking at.

From the first moment that I cracked open a chalk Ammonite in St Catherine’s to reveal something that once lived over 65 million years ago I was hooked.

With the aid of my growing knowledge on where to get fossils and how to prep them, the internet and the amazing shop where I see 'Jurassic Jim' a little too much, my small collection started to grow. My early fossils, that i found on local beaches, I started to give to schools trying get other people excited about the great possibilities that the Isle of Wight could give in terms of pre-history.

I don’t profess to be an expert however my ever growing knowledge ( helped by the occasional visit to 'Dinosaur Isle' and the fantastic team there) means that I know what I’m looking at and what to do.

I have a room full of fossils and enjoy both collecting & in some cases saving them from destruction in the shingle on a pebbly beach.

I have great enjoyment from my fossil room and felt that others could also enjoy them. Many are from the Cretaceous shore line and cliffs on the Isle of Wight and others further afield.


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Personal business email for any enquiries and questions & Instagram @thefossilroom

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